How to Build Initiation Skills

Starting a task requires strong initiation skills. Students who struggle to begin their work may have weak executive functioning skills. Initiation of task is a key executive functioning skill and utilizes other executive functioning skills such as planning and organization. … Continued

“I want to be like him!”

  Bryce wants to be like his friend who is excellent at soccer, can memorize anything quickly and always has a witty comment to share. So he asked me to explain how his brain works and what he can do … Continued

Executive functioning skills: How To Get Your Child To Follow The Plan

  The coach comes, plans are made, checklists are created with extensive “TO DOs” and then what?  Nothing! Students with executive functioning deficits have difficulty planning, organizing and initiating projects and homework. A tutor or coach can help students fill … Continued

Find your Executive Functioning Strengths and Weakness with our FREE QUIZ

Executive Functioning refers to the skills that help you organize, plan and execute a task. If you would like to discover your own executive functioning strengths and weaknesses, take our free quiz and then read below to see how each … Continued

Mastering Executive Functioning Skills Requires Grit and Resilience

 by Melissa Mullin Ph.D. Executive functioning skills enable students to manage their workload and plan for the future. These skills allow students to break down a task and organize it as well as create a time lime for completion. Grit … Continued

Summer and Executive Functioning Skills

  Summer is a great time to catch up on material your child may not have mastered during the school year. Teaching reading, writing or math concepts will have clear benefits for your child when they re-enter school in the … Continued

Metacognition Helps Build Self Regulation and Executive Functioning Skills

Metacognition is thinking about thinking, knowing “what we know” and “what we don’t know.”  This means students take time to think about what needs to be done and how to do it. These students understand how the mind works and … Continued

Middle School Students Need Strong Organizational Skills

“How do I help my middle schooler who doesn’t write down assignments, hand in reports or turn in papers that need to be signed!?” asked a  mom out of frustration with her child’s recent behavior. Her daughter, Emily, was a … Continued

Learning and Stress Can Be Related

Stress is a major factor for many students these days. Students who have a learning disability have to work harder than their typical learning peers just to keep up in the classroom. When a child has to struggle to pay … Continued

Executive Functioning and Self-Control

Self-control is the ability to delay gratification. This is important in the development of executive functioning skills for many students. The ability to inhibit behavior, i.e. wait a minute, means the student can use that break to stop and think. … Continued

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