Tips to Develop Flexible Thinking Skills

“I can’t do it! It’s wrong!” Nicole announces loudly. Tears are followed by the declaration that the book is wrong. Nicole is adamant that this is not the way the teacher showed her how to do the problem. Nicole has weak flexible thinking … Continued

“I want to be like him!”

  Bryce wants to be like his friend who is excellent at soccer, can memorize anything quickly and always has a witty comment to share. So he asked me to explain how his brain works and what he can do … Continued

Do visual learners have more difficulty with language organization than verbal learners?

Visual learners think in images. Verbal learners think primarily in words. Visual learners see the whole picture all at once allowing them to see things from many perspectives. Verbal learners learn step by step and have a tendency towards analytical … Continued

How Does A Low Processing Speed Score Affect My Child?

Question: My 16 year old son has just had an evaluation and he was given the following scores on the test: 
 PRI 132, VCI 130, WMI 110, PSI 76
. I don’t understand how exactly this affects him, though I … Continued

504 Accommodations: Extra Time on Tests

Brad was a third grader who has struggled with reading since first grade.  His teacher shared with his parents that he is easily distracted and although he was performing at grade level he may have an attention issue. Brad was … Continued

Finding the Right Intervention to Increase Processing Speed

Finding the right intervention to help your child increase his processing speed and writing skills is worth the effort. There are multiple issues to consider, including visual processing, fine motor skills, and language organization skills. When I think of the … Continued

The Frustrated Learner

The Frustration Profile article on my blog, which is about students with high verbal skills and weak motor skills, has gotten more hits and comments than any other blog article I have written.  What I’m realizing is that all students … Continued

Learning Differences: How Can Teachers Help?

What is a learning disability? A discrepancy that exists between a person’s potential for learning and what she actually learns. The learning problem is not due to: Mental retardation Lack of motivation Emotional issues Biological imbalances What are the main … Continued

Setting Summer Goals Helps Build Executive Functioning Skills

Summer is the time to relax and reflect. What went well this year? What could have been better? What can your child improve on for next year? These are good questions to discuss with your child. As you have this … Continued

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