“I want to be like him!”

  Bryce wants to be like his friend who is excellent at soccer, can memorize anything quickly and always has a witty comment to share. So he asked me to explain how his brain works and what he can do … Continued

Slow Processing Speed…is it due to weak motor skills, weak auditory processing skills or weak executive function skills?

Slow processing speed can be due to more than just weak motor skills. Sarah’s experience highlights some of the more complex factors that should be considered for a child with slow processing speed. Sarah is a diligent, athletic and caring … Continued

Language Organization Skills Blend Executive Functioning and Language Skills To Help Us Communicate Clearly

Language serves many purposes. We use language to share our needs, our wants, our feelings and our thoughts. We use language to become apart of our shared community and socially interact with others. Weak language skills can make a person … Continued

Building Executive Functioning Skills May Be The Best Intervention For Increasing Processing Speed.

  Processing speed is becoming a stumbling block for many students. The number of students who are requesting extra time on tests has increased tremendously over the years. What does it mean to have a processing speed dysfunction?  Do executive … Continued

Do visual learners have more difficulty with language organization than verbal learners?

Visual learners think in images. Verbal learners think primarily in words. Visual learners see the whole picture all at once allowing them to see things from many perspectives. Verbal learners learn step by step and have a tendency towards analytical … Continued

How Does A Low Processing Speed Score Affect My Child?

Question: My 16 year old son has just had an evaluation and he was given the following scores on the test: 
 PRI 132, VCI 130, WMI 110, PSI 76
. I don’t understand how exactly this affects him, though I … Continued

Processing speed issues are challenging at all ages

Sara is now 22 years old and still struggling with processing speed issues.  Here is Sara’s story: When I was 12 years old, I was diagnosed with slow processing speed, given a 504 plan, and told this was a part of my … Continued

Dysgraphia: Difficulty writing

Dysgraphia refers to difficulty writing.  Most people with dysgraphia have a hard time holding a pencil or pen. The awkward pencil grip can make forming letters on a page challenging.  When a student with dysgraphia is asked to copy from … Continued

504 Accommodations: Extra Time on Tests

Brad was a third grader who has struggled with reading since first grade.  His teacher shared with his parents that he is easily distracted and although he was performing at grade level he may have an attention issue. Brad was … Continued

Will My Child Always Be Dyslexic?

Research is ongoing regarding the neuro-pathways of our brains and how they can change with time and intervention, so you will get different answers to this question depending on whom you ask. Can a dyslexic student learn to read… YES!  As … Continued

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