Bits of Wisdom for All  discusses learning challenges and provides suggestions on how to find solutions.  

Simple Study Skills

What’s the best way to prepare for a test? The trick is to start studying for tests with each homework assignment and class lecture. Consider that most topics presented in class will be covered on a future test. Therefore, students who listen actively in class, take...

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The K & M Center focuses on a whole child approach to learning.

The K&M Center specializes in remediating dyslexia, processing speed issues, ADHD, executive functioning disorder, dysgraphia, language processing issues, and auditory processing issues.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Based on your child’s learning profile, we will create a plan that works

Trained Professionals

All of our Specialists and Coaches are highly trained to provide the intervention your child needs

Summer programs

Use the summer to make big jumps in learning

The K & M Center specializes in learning differences

As Director of the K&M Center Melissa Mullin, Ph.D. has designed 1,000’s of treatment plans for students with learning differences. Contact us if you would like us to customize a plan for your child.

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