How to help a perfectionist finish schoolwork


  Sarah’s son, Todd, is a perfectionist who spends hours doing his homework. He gets upset whenever he doesn’t like his work and tears it up or destroys it rather than fix it. Todd creates an image in his mind of his perfect project, and often his image is unrealistic.  In spite of these high expectations, Todd strives to create something

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Flexible Thinking Wonder Wheel: Guide your child’s thinking

Flexible Thinking Wonder Wheel

Flexible thinking and problem solving are key components of learning. We are constantly presented with questions needing an answer. “What time do we need to leave to make it to school on time? “ How cold will it be tomorrow?” “ Who is picking me up today?”   Whether the question is big or little, important or trivial, it needs to be answered.

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Increase Verbal Processing Speed

Verbal Processing Speed

Does your child struggle to process information quickly? Have you witnessed your child trying to explain what he means only to “talk around” the idea, leaving you to guess what the idea is? He knows what he wants to say, but can’t find the words to say it. Your child may have a verbal processing speed issue. Verbal fluency is

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Flashcards Build Memory Skills

Flashcards are a great study tool to build memory skills. Almost all classes have information that must be memorized. Flashcards allow students to actively engage with material as they quiz themselves on the material. Both sides of the cards can be used to mix-up the material, allowing students to assess how flexible they are with the material. Quizlet is a great online tool to create

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Working Memory Strategies

Dear Melissa, My daughter is in 9th grade and has low working memory and slow processing speed. We discovered in 4th grade that she may have a Central Auditory Processing disorder.  I would appreciate any ideas you have that can help her with working memory. Are there some strategies and interventions I can help her with? Thank you very much.  

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How to Help a Gifted Student who has Average Processing Speed and Working Memory Skills

I love my son and I want to make sure that he has everything he needs to succeed in school and in life. Last year I had to work hard to get an IEP for him due to articulation problems. Part of the testing included the WISC IV which revealed that his Processing Speed and Working Memory are significantly lower than

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Classroom Accommodations

Understanding students educational needs and will help teachers create productive classroom accommodations. There are many types of learning challenges and each type requires different classroom accommodation. Some of the most common learning issues are auditory processing (which impacts reading and spelling), visual-motor integration (which impacts processing speed and writing), and ADHD (which impacts attentions and focus). Creating a supportive environment can help

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Develop a Growth Mind-Set for Academic Success

Believing that intelligence can grow allows students to learn more. The idea that intelligence is not a fixed trait leads students to acquire deeper knowledge and do better than students who believe their intelligence is set. Studies by Carol S. Dweck and her colleagues demonstrate that teen depression, creativity and academic achievement are all impacted by individual’s beliefs. Dweck’s research

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Tips to Develop Flexible Thinking Skills

“I can’t do it! It’s wrong!” Nicole announces loudly. Tears are followed by the declaration that the book is wrong. Nicole is adamant that this is not the way the teacher showed her how to do the problem. Nicole has weak flexible thinking skills that lead to frustration when she faces unexpected events. Nicole resists trying alternate approaches to solve problems. To discover Nicole’s learning style

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Strong Visual Spatial Skills but Struggling to Read

Emma is a hardworking fifth grader who struggles to read. She is clearly bright, so both her parents and teachers wonder why she is not reading better. Emma’s parents took her for testing to figure out the best way to help her. The testing results showed that Emma has strong verbal comprehension and excellent visual spatial skills. Emma excels in solving visual

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