How much time should be spent on reading intervention?

Finding time to get reading help for your child can be stressful. Parents wonder how often they need to have tutoring sessions. When deciding the best method of intervention take a moment to step back and consider your child’s situation. Each child is different and therefore there is not one solution that fits all children.

Points to consider when deciding how much reading intervention time your child needs:
  • How far behind is your child?
  • Does your child have a learning disability or he just behind in reading?
  • How quickly do you want to see improvement?

A beginning reader needs instruction and practice to master reading. A sequenced program and consistent practice can move children to the next reading level.

If your child is young and has a history of speech, language, visual or attention processing difficulties then a more intensive program may be required.

Finally, older students ( 3rd grade and up) who are struggling to read benefit from focused intervention.  Reading is a key aspect of school. Learning to read impacts all aspects of school.

When I suggest a reading intensive to families, I am referring to 60 hours or more of targeted intervention. Research has identified 60 hours as the amount of time needed for the effects of intervention to become measurable. Making a significant increase in skills requires a significant investment in time and 60 hours seems to be the sweet spot. Does this mean you have to have 60 hours of intervention to see a change? Of course not, your child should be practicing and learning new skills each week and making changes along the way.

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