Find your Executive Functioning Strengths and Weakness with our FREE QUIZ

Executive Functioning refers to the skills that help you organize, plan and execute a task. If you would like to discover your own executive functioning strengths and weaknesses, take our free quiz and then read below to see how each skill affects your thinking.


Executive Functioning Quiz



Take the Quiz and when you are done write your results on the chart below.

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Now that you know your strengths and weakness you can learn strategies to help build your skills.  Executive Functioning Workbook

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  1. Kate

    Hello Dr. Mullin,

    I believe I sent a message with the following question a few days ago, but cannot find it in the posts (perhaps I did not complete it properly?)?? The question…what numbers are considered high, and what are considered low, and what would be normal, with regards to the Executive Functioning quiz. Wondering if I will get an email with your reply…just not sure how this works.
    Thank you,

    • Melissa Mullin, Ph.D.

      Your question is a good one. The quiz is designed to show your strengths and weaknesses. Therefore the exact numbers are not important, rather the difference between them is. Taking the scores you sent:
      -4, 0, -1,1,-3,-5,-1,0. Your highest score is 1 so that is the strength with -5 as the weakness. The 0 would also considered strong while the -4 would be weak. Some people are harder graders than others so the scores reflect that. It is helpful to have the student, parent and teacher take the quiz so you can see if everyone is seeing the same issues. Remember is the difference, not the number, that matters.

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