Working Memory’s Impact on Writing Skills

A concerned mother reached out to me regarding her son’s evaluation results and his writing skills. Her bright son, Max*, has strong verbal comprehension, visual-spatial, and fluid reasoning skills. However, his working memory and processing speed skills are in the … Continued

Reading Fluency is Important

Reading easily makes reading more fun. People who read effortlessly, following the flow of sentences as they’d be spoken, have mastered reading fluency skills.  Building reading fluency is crucial to learning because once the skill of reading is mastered the … Continued

The Domino Dilemma

The Domino Dilemma occurs when students start to compensate for a weak processing skill. Over time the compensation skills effectively allow the student to avoid learning the skills they need to become successful. The impact of the compensation begins the domino effect as students become cognitively overloaded.

Use an app to keep up with reading assignments

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  Is your child struggling to keep up with her reading assignments? There are great new apps that can read text to students. When combined with a site like Bookshare, that offers free access to students with dyslexia or visual … Continued

How to address the written aspect of processing speed

.. Processing speed is one of the most frustrating and misunderstood learning disabilities. Many students with slow processing speed are smart but can’t demonstrate their true intelligence on time tests. In addition, the slow processing speed makes homework laborious and … Continued

How to help a perfectionist finish schoolwork

  Sarah’s son, Todd, is a perfectionist who spends hours doing his homework. He gets upset whenever he doesn’t like his work and tears it up or destroys it rather than fix it. Todd creates an image in his mind of … Continued

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