Classroom Accommodations

Understanding students educational needs and will help teachers create productive classroom accommodations. There are many types of learning challenges and each type requires different classroom accommodation. Some of the most common learning issues are auditory processing (which impacts reading and spelling), visual-motor … Continued

How much time should be spent on reading intervention?

  Figuring out how much reading help your child needs is stressful. You know your child is behind in reading, but you don’t know the best way to help. Understanding your child’s situation can help you make the right decisions. … Continued

“I want to be like him!”

  Bryce wants to be like his friend who is excellent at soccer, can memorize anything quickly and always has a witty comment to share. So he asked me to explain how his brain works and what he can do … Continued

Will My Child Always Be Dyslexic?

Research is ongoing regarding the neuro-pathways of our brains and how they can change with time and intervention, so you will get different answers to this question depending on whom you ask. Can a dyslexic student learn to read… YES!  As … Continued

The Frustrated Learner

The Frustration Profile article on my blog, which is about students with high verbal skills and weak motor skills, has gotten more hits and comments than any other blog article I have written.  What I’m realizing is that all students … Continued

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