Building Executive Functioning Skills May Be The Best Intervention For Increasing Processing Speed.

  Processing speed is becoming a stumbling block for many students. The number of students who are requesting extra time on tests has increased tremendously over the years. What does it mean to have a processing speed dysfunction?  Do executive … Continued

Find your Executive Functioning Strengths and Weakness with our FREE QUIZ

Executive Functioning refers to the skills that help you organize, plan and execute a task. If you would like to discover your own executive functioning strengths and weaknesses, take our free quiz and then read below to see how each … Continued

Processing speed issues are challenging at all ages

Sara is now 22 years old and still struggling with processing speed issues.  Here is Sara’s story: When I was 12 years old, I was diagnosed with slow processing speed, given a 504 plan, and told this was a part of my … Continued

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