Dysgraphia: Difficulty writing

Dysgraphia refers to difficulty writing.  Most people with dysgraphia have a hard time holding a pencil or pen. The awkward pencil grip can make forming letters on a page challenging.  When a student with dysgraphia is asked to copy from … Continued

Will My Child Always Be Dyslexic?

Research is ongoing regarding the neuro-pathways of our brains and how they can change with time and intervention, so you will get different answers to this question depending on whom you ask. Can a dyslexic student learn to read… YES!  As … Continued

The Frustrated Learner

The Frustration Profile article on my blog, which is about students with high verbal skills and weak motor skills, has gotten more hits and comments than any other blog article I have written.  What I’m realizing is that all students … Continued

Learning and Stress Can Be Related

Stress is a major factor for many students these days. Students who have a learning disability have to work harder than their typical learning peers just to keep up in the classroom. When a child has to struggle to pay … Continued

Spelling Tips

My child’s reading fluency has really improved! When can I expect to see an improvement in his spelling? This recent question from a parent about her fifth-grade son is an excellent one, and is relevant to many students. Therefore, I’d … Continued