Great Book on Processing Speed

Bright Kids Who Can’t Keep Up by Ellen Braaten, Ph.D. and Brian Willoughby, Ph.D. (2014) is the first book I have found that gives both an overview of processing speed and advice to help parents and schools provide intervention. The … Continued

Building Executive Functioning Skills May Be The Best Intervention For Increasing Processing Speed.

  Processing speed is becoming a stumbling block for many students. The number of students who are requesting extra time on tests has increased tremendously over the years. What does it mean to have a processing speed dysfunction?  Do executive … Continued

How Does A Low Processing Speed Score Affect My Child?

Question: My 16 year old son has just had an evaluation and he was given the following scores on the test: 
 PRI 132, VCI 130, WMI 110, PSI 76
. I don’t understand how exactly this affects him, though I … Continued

How to help your child succeed in middle school

Last week Mrs. Smith came to visit me and discuss her daughter, Sarah. Sarah is in seventh grade and has been struggling all year. Last year in sixth grade Sarah earned all A’s and B”s on her report card.  Sarah … Continued

Executive functioning skills: How To Get Your Child To Follow The Plan

  The coach comes, plans are made, checklists are created with extensive “TO DOs” and then what?  Nothing! Students with executive functioning deficits have difficulty planning, organizing and initiating projects and homework. A tutor or coach can help students fill … Continued

Processing speed issues are challenging at all ages

Sara is now 22 years old and still struggling with processing speed issues.  Here is Sara’s story: When I was 12 years old, I was diagnosed with slow processing speed, given a 504 plan, and told this was a part of my … Continued

Executive Functioning Workbook

 By Melissa Mullin, Ph.D. and Karen Fried, PysD. Planning, organizing and following through on your plans require strong executive functioning skills. Developing these skills can take patience, guidance and practice. There are parents, teachers, executive functioning coaches and tutors who … Continued

The Frustrated Learner

The Frustration Profile article on my blog, which is about students with high verbal skills and weak motor skills, has gotten more hits and comments than any other blog article I have written.  What I’m realizing is that all students … Continued

Setting Summer Goals Helps Build Executive Functioning Skills

Summer is the time to relax and reflect. What went well this year? What could have been better? What can your child improve on for next year? These are good questions to discuss with your child. As you have this … Continued

Excellent Reading Comprehension, But Slow Reading Rate

Alex* is a lovely adolescent girl who has strong verbal comprehension and perceptual reasoning skills. Alex’s processing speed is excellent on tasks that only require visual perception and visual discrimination. In other words, she is quickly able to perceive and … Continued

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