How to address the written aspect of processing speed

.. Processing speed is one of the most frustrating and misunderstood learning disabilities. Many students with slow processing speed are smart but can’t demonstrate their true intelligence on time tests. In addition, the slow processing speed makes homework laborious and … Continued

How to help a perfectionist finish schoolwork

  Sarah’s son, Todd, is a perfectionist who spends hours doing his homework. He gets upset whenever he doesn’t like his work and tears it up or destroys it rather than fix it. Todd creates an image in his mind of … Continued

Flexible Thinking Wonder Wheel: Guide your child’s thinking

Flexible thinking and problem solving are key components of learning. We are constantly presented with questions needing an answer. “What time do we need to leave to make it to school on time? “ How cold will it be tomorrow?” “ Who is … Continued

Flashcards Build Memory Skills

Flashcards are a great study tool to build memory skills. Almost all classes have information that must be memorized. Flashcards allow students to actively engage with material as they quiz themselves on the material. Both sides of the cards can be … Continued

Working Memory Strategies

Dear Melissa, My daughter is in 9th grade and has low working memory and slow processing speed. We discovered in 4th grade that she may have a Central Auditory Processing disorder.  I would appreciate any ideas you have that can help … Continued

How much time should be spent on reading intervention?

Finding time to get reading help for your child can be stressful. Parents wonder how often they need to have tutoring sessions. When deciding the best method of intervention take a moment to step back and consider your child’s situation. Each … Continued

How to Build Initiation Skills

Starting a task requires strong initiation skills. Students who struggle to begin their work may have weak executive functioning skills. Initiation of task is a key executive functioning skill and utilizes other executive functioning skills such as planning and organization. … Continued

Time Management Tips for Students

Work smarter not harder, is a great theme for time management. People who lack time management skills tend to run late and build up stress along the way. Time management skills are important for creating a balanced life. When you … Continued

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