Executive functioning skills: How To Get Your Child To Follow The Plan

  The coach comes, plans are made, checklists are created with extensive “TO DOs” and then what?  Nothing! Students with executive functioning deficits have difficulty planning, organizing and initiating projects and homework. A tutor or coach can help students fill … Continued

Find your Executive Functioning Strengths and Weakness with our FREE QUIZ

Executive Functioning refers to the skills that help you organize, plan and execute a task. If you would like to discover your own executive functioning strengths and weaknesses, take our free quiz and then read below to see how each … Continued

Processing speed issues are challenging at all ages

Sara is now 22 years old and still struggling with processing speed issues.  Here is Sara’s story: When I was 12 years old, I was diagnosed with slow processing speed, given a 504 plan, and told this was a part of my … Continued

Mastering Executive Functioning Skills Requires Grit and Resilience

 by Melissa Mullin Ph.D. Executive functioning skills enable students to manage their workload and plan for the future. These skills allow students to break down a task and organize it as well as create a time lime for completion. Grit … Continued

What Does It Mean To Have Weak Executive Functioning Skills?

Many middle school children have difficulty with executive functioning skills. What does this really mean? For many of the students that we work with at the K& M Center this means that they are missing assignments and they are not … Continued

Dysgraphia: Difficulty writing

Dysgraphia refers to difficulty writing.  Most people with dysgraphia have a hard time holding a pencil or pen. The awkward pencil grip can make forming letters on a page challenging.  When a student with dysgraphia is asked to copy from … Continued

504 Accommodations: Extra Time on Tests

Brad was a third grader who has struggled with reading since first grade.  His teacher shared with his parents that he is easily distracted and although he was performing at grade level he may have an attention issue. Brad was … Continued

Executive Functioning Workbook

 By Melissa Mullin, Ph.D. and Karen Fried, PysD. Planning, organizing and following through on your plans require strong executive functioning skills. Developing these skills can take patience, guidance and practice. There are parents, teachers, executive functioning coaches and tutors who … Continued

Summer and Executive Functioning Skills

  Summer is a great time to catch up on material your child may not have mastered during the school year. Teaching reading, writing or math concepts will have clear benefits for your child when they re-enter school in the … Continued

Will My Child Always Be Dyslexic?

Research is ongoing regarding the neuro-pathways of our brains and how they can change with time and intervention, so you will get different answers to this question depending on whom you ask. Can a dyslexic student learn to read… YES!  As … Continued

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