Develop a Growth Mind-Set for Academic Success


Believing that intelligence can grow allows students to learn more, acquire deeper knowledge and do better than students who believe their intelligence is set. Studies by Carol S. Dweck and her colleagues demonstrate that teen depression, creativity and academic achievement are all impacted by individual’s beliefs. Dweck’s research provides guidance for parents who want to instill a growth mind-set in

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Tips to Develop Cognitive Flexibility and Flexible Thinking Skills

Flexible thinking

“I can’t do it! It’s wrong!” Nicole announces loudly. This is a common scene at homework time. Andrea, Nicole’s mother, knows that Nicole is doing math and just got a problem wrong. She also knows that Nicole will resist trying a different approach to the problem. Soon Nicole will be in tears and declaring that the book is wrong and

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Strong Visual Spatial Skills but Struggling to Read


Emma is a hardworking fifth grader who struggles to read. She is clearly bright, so both her parents and teachers wonder why she is not a better reader. Emma’s parents took her for testing to figure out the best way to help her. The testing results showed that Emma has strong verbal comprehension and excellent visual spatial skills. Emma excels in solving

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How much time should be spent on reading intervention?

learning to read

Finding the time to get reading help for your child can be stressful. So parents wonder how often they need to have reading sessions. A common question is, ”Can I do 2 hours once week rather than twice a week for an hour?” Either way it is two hours, so it should be the same, right?   It is the

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How to Build Initiation Skills

The best time to learn is now

Starting a task requires strong initiation skills. Students who struggle to begin their work may have weak executive functioning skills. Initiation of task is a key executive functioning skill and utilizes other executive functioning skills such as planning and organization. Some students who struggle with initiation are overwhelmed by the multiple possible solutions they envision, causing them to get stuck

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Seven Steps to Help Your Beginning Reader

Help your child read

A child who can read is a child who can learn. And a child who can learn is a child who can succeed in school and in life. Secretary of Education, Margaret Spelling. Margaret Spelling reminds us that learning to read is one of the foundations of life success. Learning to read can be challenging for young children. Many parents

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Great Book on Processing Speed

Processing Speed

      Bright Kids Who Can’t Keep Up by Ellen Braaten, Ph.D. and Brian Willoughby, Ph.D. (2014) is the first book I have found that gives both an overview of processing speed and advice to help parents and schools provide intervention. The authors have done a great job of explaining a very complex issue. Here are excerpts from the

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Working Memory and Processing Speed

boy working

  Working memory skills are used for all learning tasks. A child with weak working memory skills has to work harder than other students to keep information in mind, as rather than being able to both hold and process the information, the child is working hard just to hold the information. Many students with weak working memory skills lose new

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