K & M Center Story

In 1993 Dr. Karen Fried and Dr. Melissa Mullin were each beginning private practices in educational therapy, when a mutual friend introduced them.

Karen Fried PsyD and Melissa Mullin PhD

Melissa and Karen’s educational background and training blended together to offer the latest research in learning theory and practice, along with developmental learning theory and methodology. Together they offer a unique view on the remediation of learning differences, and began training educational specialists to work at their center.

Karen and Melissa’s mission statement is to help students learn to their potential. That mission has not changed over the years. Each child that comes to the K & M Center is seen as an individual with his or her own learning style and unique talents. Each child has a treatment plan created just for him to address the areas that need remediation. Melissa and Karen work with parents and teachers to create a plan that will work for the child.

Having a Center allows Karen and Melissa the resources to invest time and resources to research and provide the latest research based programs in all areas of cognitive processing and academic skills.  They continually look for, and acquire, programs that will benefit their students.

Helping children learn and do well in school, and life, is a rewarding career that continues to motivate Melissa and Karen to provide the best learning center possible.

Our People Make All The Difference!

Karen Fried, PsyDKaren Fried holds a doctorate in psychology from Ryokan College. She received master’s degrees in both Human Development and in Clinical Psychology, as well as a Certificate in Educational Therapy, from the College for Developmental Studies. A licensed MFT, she has practiced educational therapy and psychotherapy for over 15 years.


Melissa Mullin, PhD.Melissa Mullin holds both a master’s and doctoral degree in Education with an emphasis on Educational Psychology from UCLA. She has practiced as an Educational Psychologist for over 15 years.

In keeping with our philosophy of attending to the whole child–including cognitive, academic, social and emotional aspects–the K & M Center offers each student the unique benefit of developing a one-on-one alliance with a trusted Educational Specialist who is supportive, expertly trained, and professionally objective.

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  • Dawn Smith

    I live in Utah and I am working with a program called Brain Works (http://www.braintutoringutah.com) for my 11 year old son. His IQ was tested about 5 years ago and came back VIQ 129, PIQ 129, PBQ 110, FSIQ 142 and GLX 116. This put his IQ in the 97th percentile, but his processing speed in the 75th percentile. He has ALWAYS hated school. It takes him longer to take tests and solve problems. Getting him to do homework is a nightmare!! I knew he wasn’t reaching his full potential and I was thrilled when I found the Brain Works program. We have only been doing the program for 8 weeks and I already see an improvement in his patience and impulsivity. It is a struggle to get him to practice three times a week, but I keep at it because I know it will benefit him greatly in the future.

    I noticed your site is often looking for new tools and resources to help children, so I thought I would send this info your way. I am also hoping that you know of someone in So. Cal that might have a similar program. I have several friends who think their children would benefit from such a program, but I have no idea where to refer them. Are you aware of anything in So. Cal. that is similar to Brain Works?

    Thanks for your time!!!!



    • Melissa Mullin, Ph.D.

      I went and looked at the Brain Works website. I could not tell what the actual intervention is, but based on the issues they describe it appears that they are doing cross-body work, some vision therapy exercises and building auditory skills all of which are great for building underlying learning skills. I am sure there are centers that cover all these areas. Your friends should look for a learning center or learning specialist who designs interventions that can address these issues. My center, the K & M Center in Santa Monica, CA, would use the PACE program to address visual and auditory processing along with cross body exercises and we would looks the student’s testing to see if there are other areas that need remediation, and then we would create a treatment plan that would address all areas of deficit.

  • C. Cunningham

    I came across your site while looking for information on learning disabilities involving impaired cognitive processing speed and high verbal reasoning functions. It is both joyful and sad to read through this site. Joyful, because there’s so much information and resources available to parents, teachers and students about learning disabilities nowadays. I”m also very glad to see the push in actually developing weak areas and teaching compensation technique instead of automatically falling back on lowered curriculum and accommodations.

    But also sad because as an adult in their mid 30’s who was a child to working class, non English speaking immigrants, and attended public school in south Florida in the 80’s and 90’s when special education basically meant dumping ground for students who did not fit into the average mold and dumbed down curriculum that did even bother to meet any of the college entry requirements, I did not have the access to the information, resources or advocacy that your clients have nowadays. It is hard to keep myself from imaging how different my life might have been if I had these back then.

    I now struggle to find resources for my issues as an adult with a very modest income since insurance companies will only pay for these types of services for children, if at all and I’m low on the priority list for government vocational agencies for personals with disabilities. Even though though it mostly cater to students and young adults your site has provided me with a lot of valuable information. Keep up the good work on this site.

    Kind Regards,

  • Christen

    Hello, We live in College Station, TX. I have a 12 year old, rising 7th grader that has been diagnosed with slow processing and low working memory due to ADD. Finding help for him can be overwhelming. Do you have any resources or colleagues you might be able to connect me with that provides similar support to kids with his specific disability? Thanks so much for your help.

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