Easy Family Science Experiments: Just for Fun!

Check this out: Scientific American is posting a month-long series of family science experiments. My son and I watched the video of the first experiment and he exclaimed. “Cool, can we make that?” Have some fun and start experimenting!

Science experiments, like cooking, can help children learn to plan, follow directions and understand the value of math.

Watch the video on how to make Oobleck. Then go to the website for more fun activites.

It’s a Solid…
It’s a Liquid…
It’s Oobleck!
(With Video)

>> See Activity Instructions

Visit ScientificAmerican.com/education to see all SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN education programs.

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I am the director of the K & M Center in Santa Monica, CA. Our goal is to help children reach their academic potential. We specialize in creating individualize learning programs so each of our students can do better in school and life.
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